00222.jpg (8200 bytes) OEMic Left-Ball Valves (Rising Stem)

  Friction free between the seat and the ball that benefits the life of sealing face.

  Lift-ball valves are ideally suitable for following critical applications:536.jpg (19360 bytes)

ball.jpg (5115 bytes) Dryer Switching
ball.jpg (5115 bytes) Products segregation
ball.jpg (5115 bytes) Block an bypass
ball.jpg (5115 bytes) Hydrogen, Natural Gas, LPG isolation and vent
ball.jpg (5115 bytes) Emergency Shutdown
ball.jpg (5115 bytes) Meter isolation
ball.jpg (5115 bytes) Blowdown and Vent
ball.jpg (5115 bytes) compressor isolation

Standards: API 598, API 607, API 6D, ANSI B16.34, ANSI B16.5, B16.25, B16.10, NACE etc.

1.Valve bore size (full port opening): 2" - 28"(DN50-DN700mm)  ANSI B 16.10 ISO 5752

   Valve bore size (reduced port opening):    1/2"- 24" (DN15-DN600mm)       API 609   ANSI 16.47 

2. Pressure rating:                           ANSI 150Lb - 2500Lb ,  PN 1.6MPa - 16.0MPa

3. Service temperature range:            -240 deg.C-400F- 815deg.C (1500F)

4. End connection: ANSI, DIN, JIS etc.

5. Type of connection: Flanged, Butt welding ends 

535.jpg (19504 bytes) Features :
ball.jpg (5115 bytes) zero leakage
ball.jpg (5115 bytes) inherently firesafe design
ball.jpg (5115 bytes) in-line repairable
ball.jpg (5115 bytes) bi-direction, bubble-tight shut-off
ball.jpg (5115 bytes) no springs and piston movement
ball.jpg (5115 bytes) rated up to  427/800F
ball.jpg (5115 bytes) no localized high-velocity flow to erode the seal during opening/closing
ball.jpg (5115 bytes) resilient seals are enclosed provides reliable sealing
ball.jpg (5115 bytes) all-metal seals option provides reliable sealing in harsh, abrasive flow conditions
ball.jpg (5115 bytes)  injectable stem packing is certifiable to local emissions

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