OEMic Ceramic Ball Valves

SKQ Anti-wear ceramic ball valve
GB9113.3~GB9113.58 JB79 PN1.0~6.4 MPa DN50~150

Scope of application: carrying gas and solid mixtures, liquid and solid mixtures corrosive medium. The solid particle diameter is not bigger than 1.0mm.

Description:The wear-resistant valve manufactured by SK is hard sealing valve. The sealing class is according to D Grade Metal Sealing in Clause 6.3 in GB/T 13927-92. That reaches the amount of gas leakage 30 DN mm3/s (DN - Diameter). The amount of liquid leakage≤0.1×DN mm3/s (DN - Diameter).If Grade B or Grade C is required by the customer, it can be specified when ordering.

Application temperature≤150℃

This series of valves are applicable to carrying gas and solid mixtures, liquid and solid mixtures and corrosive medium. This type valve can be used in carrying fine powder mass such as coal powder, coal ash powder, cement, wheat flour and corrosive liquid such as acid and alkali etc. with the aid of blowing. PTFE packing may assure the non-leakage to environment.

This type valve can rapidly open and close and be suitable for frequently open-close movement. Various coating materials can be selected depending on medium in straight through path. Its life is at least 20 times longer than general metal valves. There are three driving modes for this series of valves: hand-operative, electric and pneumatic mode. The connection structure and executive mode can be designed according to requirements of customers.