OEMic Ceramic Drain Slurry Gate Valves


SKPZ Anti-wear ceramic drain slurry gate valve
GB9113.3~GB9113.5―88 JB79 PN1.0~6.4 MPa DN50~500

Scope of application: piping for carrying liquid and solid mixtures. The solid particle diameter is less than 0.1mm.

Description: The wear-resistant valve manufactured by SK is hard sealing valve. The sealing class is according to D Grade Metal Sealing in Clause 6.3 in GB/T 13927-92. That reaches the amount of liquid leakage≤0.1×DN mm3/s (DN - Diameter).If Grade B or Grade C is required by the customer, it can be specified when ordering.

Pressure testing: According GB/T 13927-92 Application temperature≤80℃

This series of valve is applicable to carrying abrasive and corrosive liquids such as slurry and sludge and liquid and solid mixtures. It can also provide the sealing in two ways. The wedge disc and seat ring are made of the advanced ceramic materials with wear resistant and toughening properties to distinctly improve the resistance to wear and reliability to open close activities so as to greatly prolong the service life of valve and meet the requirements of customers for system safety and economy. With design of thrust bearing for hand wheel, the resistance to open-close movement can be reduced. PTFE packing can assure the non-leakage. Smooth curve design on the bottom reduces slag accumulating. There are three modes of operating for this series of valve. That is: motor driving, pneumatic and hand-operative mode. Various connection structure and executive modes can be designed according to the requirements from customers.

This series of valves is applicable to ash-slurry disposal piping in ash-handling system of fired power plant, also to petroleum section, mine, coal carrying plant, cement factory etc.