OEMic Ceramic Dry Ash Gate Valves

SKFZ Anti-wear ceramic dry ash gate valve
GB9113.5-88 JB79 PN0.1~1.0 MPa DN50~300

Scope of application: piping for carrying gas and solid mixtures. The solid particle diameter is less than 0.1mm.

Description: The wear-resistant valve manufactured by SK is hard sealing valve. The sealing class is according to D Grade Metal Sealing in Clause 6.3 in GB/T 13927-92. That reaches the amount of gas leakage ≤ 30 × DN mm3/s (DN - Diameter). If Grade B or Grade C is required by the customer, it can be specified when ordering.

Pressing test: according GB/T 13927-92 Application temperature ≤150℃ Please explain earlier if you need 150℃ ~350℃

This series of valve is applicable to the piping for carrying gas and solid mixtures. Practically,it is used in fine powder agents system, such as coal powder, coal ash powder, cement, wheat flour etc. which may be carried with blowing. Non-leakage to environment can be assured by scientific design and precise manufacture. Wedge disc and seat ring are made of high-performance toughening and wear resistant ceramic materials to solve the wear problem of valve, greatly prolong the service life of valve and improve its reliability. With application of super thin design, it can adapt to the various site operation conditions. The maintenance of valve becomes convenient through using the backplate in bottom which is removed easily and blowing nozzle. Considering the customers who use pneumatic executive mechanism, we select the light aluminum cylinder and Hall-electromagnetic switch in order to reduce the weight and volume of valve.
All these innovating ideas realized a common target that is prolonging the service life of valve and maintenance free. For this series of valve has three modes of operating mechanism: motor driving, pneumatic and hand-operative mode. Various connective and executive modes can be designed according to the requirements of customers.
This series of valve is applicable to the dry ash removing system in coal fired power plant, also to the wheat flour factory, coal carrying plant, cement factory and mine etc.